Total Question: 90

1.  ‘Hungry’ is to ‘Famished’ as ‘Extensive’ is to (Sonali Bank Ltd (Sr Officer) 2010; ; )
A Congenial
B Keen
C Endless
D Amenable

2. Astronomy: Stars:: Biology :
A Oceans
B Planets
C Plants
D Earth

3. Analogy: Shard : Glass :: (Mutual Trust Bank (PO) 2012; ; )
A Grain: Sand
B Splinter : Wood
C  Morsel: Meal
D Strand : Rope

4. 'Botany' is to 'plants' as 'Zoology' is to-. (বিসিএস ২৯তম; ; )
A Flowers
B Animals
C Trees
D Dear

5.  Bird:Wings
A whale:water
B dog:lungs
C car:wheel
D pen:paper

6. Antenna: Signal
A Net: Fish
B  Bread: Food
C Story:Reporter
D  Telegram: Sender

7. Choose the pair of words that expresses a relationship similar to that of ‘Harm’ : Damage- (বিসিএস ৩৫তম; ; )
A Injure : Incapacitate
B Sweet : Sour
C Stout: Weak
D  Hook : Crook

8. The word ‘’paranoid’’ is connected with---
A Theology
B Philosophy
C Anthropology
D Psychology

9. To_____the arrival of spring, Bangladesh Television___a special function. (বিসিএস ২৯তম; ; )
A Welcome : Sanctioned
B Commemorate : Launched
C Celebrate : Organized
D Announce : Telecast

10. Blind:Sight
A Diabetic:Sugar
B Amnesiac:Memory
C Ndignant:Wit
D Benevolent:Clarify