Common Mistakes
Total Question: 72

1.  Choose the correct statement.
A Many people have computer phobia, that generates more unemployment.
B Many people have computer phobia, what generates more unemployment
C  Many people have computer phobia, which generates more unemployment
D None of the above.

2. Which sentence of the following is correct?   (বহিরাগমন ও পাসপোর্ট অধিদপ্তরের সহকারী পরিচালক নিয়োগ 2014; ; )
A I feel hunger
B  I feel hungry
C  I feel hungrily
D  I feel hungered

3. I am looking forward________________you.  
A seeing
B  to seeing
C to see
D to have seen 

4. The winner of the competition was______with a cheque of TK. 50000.
A given
B offered
C presented
D awarded

5.  The train was_____from leaving because of a signal failure.
A cancelled
B forbidden
C detained
D prevented

6. It is always_____when you misunderstand the customs of other countries.
A discouraging
B peculiar
C embarrassing
D singular

7. Which one is an incorrect sentence?
A We are united
B  He answered my questions
C  We reached at home yesterday
D He is appointed captain


Prices for bicycles can run______Tk. 2000.00 

(বিসিএস ১৮তম; ; )
A so high as
B as high as
C as high to
D as hish for 


Choose the incorrect options: Sharing corporate stocks with employees can be an effective way to promote harmonious, efficiency and equitability in the workplace.

A with employees
B sharing
C efficiency
D harmonious


Choose the correct meaning of the following words:: Gullible

(বিসিএস ২৪তম; ; )
A easily deceived
B willing to believe anything or anyone
C foolish
D simple