English Literature
Total Question: 1057


 What was the cause of William’s death in Sons and Lovers?

A An accident
B An overdose of morphia
C Suicide
D Pneumonia

2. Earnest Hemingway is the author of---
A The Invisible Man
B Arms and the Man
C A Doll’s House
D The Old Man and The Sea

3. The poem ‘’The Patriot’’ is written by---
A Alfred Tennyson
B Robert Browning
C John Donne
D Mathew Arnold

4.  Who wrote ‘’Madame Bovary’’?
A Leo Tolstoy
B E.M. Forster
C James Joyce
D Gustave Flaubert

5. Who writes ‘’Waiting for Goddot’’?
A Bertolt Brecht
B Samuel Butler
C Samuel Beckett
D Henric Ibsen

6. Who is the author of ‘’Heaven and Earth’’?
A Lord Tennyson
B William Wordsworth
C Lord Byron
D John Keats

7. Who wrote ‘’The Kite Runner’’?
A Selman Rushdie
B Orhan Pamuk
C None
D Khalid Hussein


Who is the author of the book ‘The Sense of an Ending’?

A Julian Barnes
B Rudiad Kippling
C Henry Fielding
D Tomas Transtromer

9. Who is the author of the famous book ‘’The Judgment’’ is---
A Anthony Mascarenhas
B Amrtya Sen
C Nelson Mandela
D Kuldip Nayer

10. ‘’Gulliver’s Travels’’ was written by---
A Pearl S. Buck
B Jonathan Swift
C Ben Johnson
D D.H. Lawrence