Right Form of Verbs
Total Question: 29


My friend---yesterday.

A Gets his car repaired
B got his car repair
C got his car repaired
D have got his car repaired


The past participle form of the verb ‘’flow’’ is---------------

A flow
B flew
C flowed
D flown


The verb of the word 'short' is ____________.

(বিসিএস ২৮তম; ; )
A Enshort
B shorten
C shorted
D shorting


Every driver must be held__________ his own actions

(বিসিএস ২৭তম; ; )
A responsible for
B responsible to
C liable to
D blamed for


The intensive search was conducted by the detectives to locate those criminals who ‒ .

(বিসিএস ২০তম; ; )
A have had escaped
B had escaped
C are escaping
D have been escaping


The speaker failed to make the audience  to __  him patiently. Which of the following is the correct verb form in the blank above?  

(বিসিএস ১৫তম; ; )
A to listen
B listenting
C listened
D listen


Choose the correct alternative: I don’t mind _____with the cooking but I am not going to was the dishes.

(বিসিএস ২৪তম; ; )
A for helping
B to held
C help
D helping


 Although a few years ago the fundamental fact about the Milky Way seemed fairly well________ now even its mass and radius have come into ______

(বিসিএস ১৮তম; ; )
A determined , resolution
B established , question
C Ignored , danger
D diminished , disrepute


He knew it was a avery _______operation, but he was determined to carry it out .

(বিসিএস ২৫তম; ; )
A difficult
B dangerous
C risky
D troublesome


 No one can _ that he is clever.

(বিসিএস ২৯তম; ; )
A deny
B defy
C denounce
D discard