Total Question: 124


 Choose the right use of tense. We were watching the news when the telephone ----

A ringing
B rang
C had rung
D rung


In many ways, riding a bicycle is similar to –

(বিসিএস ৩৩তম; ; )
A when one drives a car
B driving a car
C the driving of a car
D when we drive a car


We look forward ____ a response from you.

(বিসিএস ৩৩তম; ; )
A to receive
B in receiving
C to receiving
D for receiving


If a person cannot stop taking drugs, he is –

(বিসিএস ৩৩তম; ; )
A attached to them
B devoted to them
C addicted to them
D committed to them


After food has been dried or canned ___ for laterconsumption.

(বিসিএস ৩২তম; ; )
A that it should be stored
B should be stored
C which should be stored
D it should be stored


Despite being a brilliant scientist, he does not seem to get his ideas across.

(বিসিএস ৩২তম; ; )
A get his ideas down part
B summarise his ideas
C put together his ideas
D make his ideas understood


He gave up --- football when he got married.

(বিসিএস ২৬তম; ; )
A of playing
B playing
C to play
D play


He had a terrible headache and--------with pain.

A groaned
B grind
C ground
D grim


Apparently, Suchi-----------married in May--but she hasn't invited me!

A is getting
B gets
C will get
D will have got


 The cyclist---------he crossed the main street.

A looks cautious when
B looked with caution after
C had looked cautiously before
D was looked cautious when