Total Question: 118

1. “Who planted this tree here?” The correct passive voice of this sentence is
A By whom was the tree planted here?
B who the tree had been planted hereby?
C the tree was planted here by whom?
D By whom had the tree been planted here?

2. I knew him. (Make it passive voice)-
A He is known to me
B He was known by me
C He was known to me
D He was known with me

3. Which one is the correct passive form of the speech? "Don't take the forget me not."
A Forget me not be taken by you
B Let not the forget me not be taken by you
C Let never taken the forget me not
D Let not taken by you forget me not

4. The school was built in 1971. Is a
A past tense
B Passive
C past indefinite
D past perfect

5. Give the order. (Passive)
A Let the order be given
B Let the order to give
C Let the order to given
D Let the order give

6. The correct passive form of “You must shut these doors” is—
A These must be shut doors
B Shut the doors you must
C Shut must be the doors
D These doors must be shut

7. Which one is the correct passive form of the sentence ‘Panic seized me’?
A I was seized by panic
B I was seized for panic
C I was seized from panic
D I was seized with panic

8. He found the student guilty.
A The student was found to be guilty by him.
B The student was found guilty by him.
C The student was found to guilty by him.
D The student found to be guilty by him.

9. She wants that she should be respected.
A She wanted to respected.
B She wants to respected.
C She wanted to be respected.
D She wants to be respected.

10. Please keep quiet.
A You are told for keep quiet.
B You are requested to keep quiet.
C You are requested for keep quiet.
D You are told to keep quiet.