Sentences & Transformations
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If i –a bicycle, i—ride it every day.

A had been, would
B Wish, will
C had, would
D wish, would


If the second day of the month is a Monday, the eighteenth day of the month is a ________.

(বিসিএস ২৮তম; ; )
A Sunday
B Tuesday
C Wednesday
D Monday


Shaheen would never have taken the job if ________ what great demand it would make on his time .

(বিসিএস ২৫তম; ; )
A he knew
B he had been knowing
C he had known
D he was knowing


She would not talk to you if she -------- mad at you. 

A is
B were
C was
D will be


We would help you if we ---------- how.

A knew
B would know
C would have known
D know


If she ---------- the bus, she would not have arrived on time.

A had taken
B has taken
C will take
D takes


Which is the correct sentence?

(বিসিএস ৩৫তম; ; )
A He insisted on seeing her
B He insisted for seeing her
C He insisted in seeing her
D He insisted to be seeing her


The film was directed in the director’s usual________style.

(বিসিএস ৩৫তম; ; )
A Confusion
B personifying
C idiosyncratic
D purifying


Identifying correct sentence:

(First Security Islami Bank Ltd(PO) 2009; ; )
A You achieved much more then expected
B You have achieved too much more than what we expected
C You have achieved more than what we expected.
D None of these


The principal reason for our failure was quite apparent to those whom we had brought into the venture.

(First Security Islami Bank Ltd(PO) 2009; ; )
A to them who
B to them whom
C to those who
D to the ones who