Substitutions and Definitions
Total Question: 229

1. Commencement of words with the same letter is--
A Alliteration
B Rhyme
C Pun
D Oxymoron

2. N.B. means-

3. A person who studies the scientific development of language is a---
A Philanthropist
B Philatelist
C Pharmacologist
D Philologist

4.  ‘An extrovert’ is a person who-
A Behaves like a stoic
B Keeps himself aloof from others
C Likes isolation
D Shares his cheerful feelings with others

5. ‘Flora’ means--
A A garland of flowers
B All the plants of an area
C All the flowers of an area
D Elaborate decoration with flowers

6. What is the meaning of the word ‘inter alia’?
A Between the space
B Above all
C Among other things
D None of the above

7.  ‘Ring master’ is a person in charge of--
A A cinema hall
B A bus counter
C A circus performance
D a dramatic performance

8.  A person who is skilled in foreign languages---
A Linguistic
B Prosodist
C Rhetorician
D Linguist

9. ‘Corpus’ means---
A A collection of written texts
B A dead body
C One of the technical branches of an army
D Red or white cells in blood

10. One who is a specialist in heart and its diseases is--
A An ophthalmologist
B A cardiologist
C A pharmacologist
D A neurologist